Securely Destroy Your Expired Tax Documents

Let’s rewind to the Civil War era, where the seeds of American taxation were sown. From those early days, taxes have been a perennial topic, with citizens navigating the maze of deductions and credits, sometimes pushing the boundaries of the law. Take, for instance, the curious case of Ned Sparks, the 1930s movie star who…
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How to Simplify Your Corporate Information Disposal Processes

Simplicity is key. When tasks are easily managed, efficiency is optimized. Here are five straightforward suggestions to simplify your corporate information disposal processes: Establish or Reevaluate Your Information Destruction Policy Think of this policy as the foundation that supports your building. It supports your processes, safeguarding employee and client personally identifiable information, protecting competitive-sensitive data,…
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What is a Certificate of Destruction and Why Do I Need One?

In today’s world, where information is the cornerstone of business operations, safeguarding sensitive data has become paramount. Those who meticulously maintain detailed records are better positioned to navigate challenges and demonstrate their commitment to due diligence. Proper documentation not only prepares you for unforeseen circumstances but also earns you respect in the realm of information…
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It’s Purge Time for Your Records

They say opposites attract, but when it comes to the dynamics of a hoarder meeting a purger, things can get quite interesting. The act of keeping things and getting rid of things have both positive and negative aspects, especially in the realm of records management. The good news is there are clear guidelines on what…
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What Law Offices Should Look for in a Shredding Company

In the realm of legal practices, where countless documents exist for a lifetime, the importance of securely discarding files at the end of their lifecycle cannot be overstated. Law offices often house a treasure trove of sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII), making it imperative to partner with a professional shredding company. But what criteria…
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What Healthcare Organizations Should Look for in a Shredding Company

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Health workers are people whose job it is to protect and improve the health of their communities.” Protecting the community’s Protected Health Information (PHI) is part of that responsibility, and it is more complicated than it may seem. The organizations that are most effective at protecting PHI have…
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