Secure Collection Containers

The easier the access to collection containers for shredding, the higher the level of compliance to policy. Every office, reception area, and conference room should have easy access to the proper secure container—otherwise confidential materials will end up in the trash!

Collection Containers Tailored to Your Unique Requirements

ShredLink provides secure, locking collection containers for you and your staff to drop sensitive documents in order to shred them on a scheduled basis. There are different styles to fit your decor as well as your volume requirements. With some understanding of your organization, we can supply enough containers to make secure collection simple for your staff and secure for your needs.

We offer secure collection containers ranging from furniture-like consoles to the more rugged and industrial wheeled bins or carts to support more intensive environments like your mail or file room.

We can provide 32-gallon console cabinets or 65-95 gallon rolling collection bins. Each comes with a lock system that is not accessible by your staff, ensuring true security.

Executive Console

Executive Console

Executive Console

Locked, laminated cabinet-style consoles are the most popular choice for scheduled shredding. Within each cabinet is a secure collection bag that makes pickups easy. With a furniture-style finish, you can place them in your lobby area, next to printers or copy machines, and in busy hallways or office areas. Executives often want a console in their individual offices.

Executive Console dimensions are:

  • 17″D x 19″W x 35″H
  • 75-pound capacity

65- or 95-Gallon Cart

65 Gallon Cart

65-Gallon Cart

95 Gallon Cart

95-Gallon Cart

Perhaps you prefer our locked, plastic “garbage can”-style cart. These have wheels and hold a lot more paper than the Executive Cabinet consoles. These are well suited for high-volume environments like copy or mail rooms, and are also great for warehouses or industrial settings. ShredLink also offers these carts for one-time shredding projects or purges.

The 65-Gallon Cart dimensions are:

  • 27.5″D x 24.5″W x 42.5″H
  • 250-pound capacity

The 95-Gallon Cart dimensions are:

  • 26.5″D x 25.5″W x 46.5″H
  • 340-pound capacity

All of these containers offer a secure, convenient, time-saving way to collect daily paper documents from your office for shredding—your staff can just drop them in, even whole files! Once paper is dropped into the console or cart, it cannot be retrieved. This provides you a secure repository for your information.

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