Our Story

In 1997, OfficeLink, a woman-owned business, was founded as a regional provider of onsite document storage systems. Utilizing Tennsco open-file shelving, high-density mobile aisle storage, and Smead color-coded filing, we implemented efficient onsite document management systems for our clients.

In 2004, we introduced FileLink in response to client demand. FileLink’s Information Management Services expanded our offering to include secure offsite document storage and retrieval, as well as document scanning with cloud storage. In 2008, secure document shredding services were added to complete the document lifecycle. As our clients’ needs continued to change in response to technology, we knew it was time to offer additional types of information destruction and recycling.

In 2018, we introduced ShredLink with the completion of our new, state-of-the-art, high-security shredding plant! ShredLink follows industry best practices to keep confidential information secure. Whether shredding documents, hard drives and digital media, or recycling decommissioned computer equipment, our procedures keep information confidential and secure through the entire destruction and recycling process.

At ShredLink, your information security is our highest priority.

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