Tips for Disposing of Paper, Media & More

Old Time Radio Being Held in Air By HandsThe lyrics of some of the classic songs from old time radio offer interesting advice. For instance, Paul Simon provided a list of 50 to leave your lover, and in the Sound of Music, Julie Andrews sung about some of her “Favorite Things.” For those who liked to travel, Nat King Cole explained to his listeners the towns where you could get your kicks if you followed Route 66.

I thought I would continue the trend and write some lyrics to some potential songs that could provide some tips for disposing of paper, media, and other things. Here’s my artistic attempt. Feel free to accompany the lyrics with your own made-up tune.

Disposing of Your Paper

You know your papers could contain

Some personally identifiable information

So, make sure you follow this keen instruction

To avoid potential fines, embarrassment or litigation

Not sure what papers you should choose to toss out?

Dispose-of-them-all so you will have no doubt

Use a professional shredder that knows all about

Destroying your files without a doubt

Never leave your sensitive documents unattended

They may be stolen for a purpose unintended

A collection container is highly recommended

To protect private info from being apprehended

Disposing of Your Media

Hard drives, thumb drives, floppies and zips

Microfilm, microfiche, or compact discs

They all contain info that could be at risk

The best means of disposal is to shred it to bits

Shredding your media is an orthodox

Way to comply with HIPAA, FACTA, GLB and SOX

Never store discarded drives, be wise as a fox

Destroying sensitive info before it walks

Disposing Much More

Are there discarded products you keep on hand

Like manuals and uniforms with your valuable brand?

Products with logos should be returned on demand

Selling or giving them away should be completely banned

A professional shredder that offers all three

Paper, media, and products turned into debris

With a Certificate of Destruction provided for free

Is the final proof and compliance guarantee

Who Can Shred All of This?

ShredLink will shred your paper, hard drives and media, products, and other items that need to be destroyed. Not only do we offer recurring scheduled shredding, but we provide a one-time purge shredding as well as drop-off shredding at your convenience. Call us at 504-885-0186 or complete the form on this page, and we’ll provide you with a free quote!

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